The Trouble with Going Local

The trouble with going overseas for graphic design, social media or creative strategy is that you get expertise and creativity, but you don’t get communication that gets your audience. So we

The Perfectionist Myth

Perfection is defined as the best a thing can possibly be. As a goal, perfection is practically unattainable, because once a project is complete or a piece is finished, we

Caring for the Ward

Kingston On The Edge (KOTE) just wrapped 10 days of creative urban expression and, a few absent years notwithstanding, Jamaica’s biggest arts festival appears to have come of age. Visual art

Kingston’s Pushing the Edge

Had the pleasure of catching a couple events on the opening weekend of Kingston On The Edge (KOTE). What started out as a labour of love appears to have become

‘Chicken Little’ Clients

The most popular response to ‘When do you need this?’ is ‘Yesterday’. What your client means is they’d like it quickly, but it’s your job to engage them and work

When I grow up …

As kids, our aspirations might seem ridiculous to adults, but are they really? Our early years are the time when our minds are unfettered and free of things like bills,

Originally posted Sep 6, 2013 Entrepreneurs and Creatives have a lot in common – passion, drive and commitment to a vision, with a little bit of crazy thrown in for good

[youtube] Originally posted Aug 29, 2013 Inspiration is the beginning of creativity. It’s that spark that gets the fire going. For some it’s a vision, or a melody that

Originally posted Aug 22, 2014 We’re in the midst of a communication revolution. At our fingertips are the tools to connect, share thoughts or sell products to a vast swath